Colorado & California

I have had the opportunity to visit some amazing places in the past year but visiting family is always my favorite. Last week I flew to Colorado for the weekend to visit my brother and went back home to the Bay from there. Every time I go back home I love it even more and am always surprised by how beautiful it is. When you are used to something, it’s easy to take it for granted but travelling and having new experiences has helped awaken a sense of wonder and appreciation in me. 

In Colorado, my brother and I went on a scenic drive near Fort Collins. We didn't get to go too far up into the mountains because a lot of the roads were already closed for winter. The parts we did see were incredible, it was so quiet and peaceful and there was so much wildlife!

It was in the 90s in San Francisco when I landed! It felt weird to be hot in San Francisco as it is usually pretty chilly. We thought it would be cooler at the beach so we went to the Sutro Baths, one of my favorite spots in the city. 

The Sutro Baths have the remains of an old public bath house that burned down in the 60s. You can walk along the ruins or go down to the beach. It's also a great place to go and watch the sunset or go for a hike through Lands End. 

On my last day, my sister and I went to Santa Cruz. Our first stop was Wilder Ranch State Park. I hadn't been before but it was really beautiful. You pay $10 to get in and then you have access to different trails along these cliffs to walk or bike on.

No matter where you live there are unique things to see and do. I hope you are able to get out and explore new parts of your corner of the world this weekend!