Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock is one of my favorite places in Texas. We have only been twice because it's four hours away from where we live but when we found out that Josh had the long weekend off, we immediately planned a trip. Josh and I love to hike; when we first started dating we hiked together every week. California has so many amazing places to hike but Texas is much different. Since it's 95% privately owned there are very few public parks. We have been to a handful of them but Enchanted Rock is probably my favorite. It's a giant granite rock about an hour and a half from San Antonio. You can hike up the rock and see some stunning views of the hill country or walk on one of the many hiking trails surrounding it. The park often closes by 11am because it's so popular that they hit capacity quickly. We got there before 8am and we had it almost to ourselves on the way up. The walk up is exhausting, it’s about 425 feet up from the base, which is like climbing the stairs of a 30-40 story building. 


There are no hills in south Texas where we live so it was so nice to be around them again. I couldn’t believe how green it was in August!


We spent the rest of the long weekend in Dallas and had an amazing time together. It was our first weekend away together after being apart for most of the summer and we spent a lot of time planning out the next few months. We should be leaving Texas soon so it's time to decide where we want to go next. Josh keeps changing his mind between California and Washington, I'm happy with either so I'm excited to find out where we end up going!