Travaasa - Austin, TX

During the year that we lived in Texas we visited Austin fairly often but our favorite visit was when we stayed at Travaasa. It’s an "experiental" resort in the hill country with amazing food, activities and beautiful grounds. We had been wanting to go all year so when a three day weekend came up and we had an opportunity to go, we took it. When we travel we usually only stay at hotels that will give us a military rate. Travaasa didn’t have one but instead, they upgraded us to their best available room. We had a huge, gorgeous room with a patio overlooking the hill country. 


Our first event was horseback riding (Josh’s first time!) on the trails. It was so fun!!

The restaurant was amazing as well, we are pretty strict with our diet and usually bring a cooler full of food when we travel but we didn’t even do that. Everything was local, organic and delicious, they even had gluten free and vegan options. I made Josh go back to our room and get my camera so I could take this picture. I’m happy to say we are still married despite this incident.

They also have an incredible infinity pool with a great view. We went right after sunrise and saw the fog rolling into the valley. 

This was by far our best trip to Austin!