Our Wedding Story


A little over 4 years ago Josh and I sat in a hotel room in Palo Alto, California during Valentine’s Day weekend. We had been engaged for nearly a year while in a long-distance relationship – he was living in Texas and I was in California. We were discussing our plans for our next visit the following month because we would each potentially have a week off - he would be in between training locations for flight school and I would be on spring break. We talked about a big trip, Hawaii maybe, but I wanted to save that for our honeymoon. Josh suggested we just get married and then go to Hawaii. We laughed because it was less than a month away but after some discussion we decided that maybe it could work so we kept the conversation open.  

By the time we could commit to the wedding date, we were only two weeks out. We had previously decided we wanted to get married at City Hall in San Francisco, not only is it beautiful (and affordable) but we had our first date in San Francisco. It was also where I had been living during our long-distance relationship so it held a lot of meaning to us both. We booked a ceremony for a Thursday afternoon and everything else fell into place. I ordered 4 white dresses online and prayed that one of them would fit. Our photographer was on board for the date and I reached out to a friend from high school who had become a florist to see if she could put together some flowers for us. I remember asking my boss if I could leave right after work to go buy wedding shoes less than a week before the wedding. It was all so casual and we laughed about it later. 

The day was simple. I got up early to go get coffee and run to the bank. My sister came over and we got ready together before meeting up with Josh to take some pictures before the ceremony. I was so nervous before the ceremony but it went by so fast and before I knew it, Josh and I were married and driving our car down to Half Moon Bay for dinner. We brought along a simple cake from our favorite dessert shop that Josh had picked up that morning. The woman ringing it up laughed when she read what we had requested be written out in icing “This is happening.” It became our motto those two weeks when we tried to push things along or came up on roadblocks and in moments when we couldn’t believe we were actually planning our wedding in two weeks. 

After a beautiful dinner with our families, we made our way to our hotel, walking down the dark streets of downtown Palo Alto in our wedding attire. People were sitting outside of restaurants eating dinner and having drinks, staring, smiling and yelling congratulations to us from afar. It felt like a dream and we were floating towards our hotel, our feet never touching the ground. Two years earlier I met Josh at a bar down the street, we had gone on dates, picked out wedding rings and decided on our wedding date all within a few blocks of where we were standing in that moment.  

I wanted something simple, beautiful and memorable and that’s exactly what it was. I felt like I was married to Josh long before I actually was, the ceremony just made it official. He was always mine and worth the wait. Growing up I never dreamed of what my wedding would look like or where it would be or who would be there and that didn’t change after I got engaged. I just wanted to be married to Josh.  Maybe it would have been nice for him to wear an expensive tux and for me to have a fancy wedding dress but the important part of the day was just that, the day. It didn’t matter what we wore or how much money we spent or how many people were there or what we had for dinner. The day marked the beginning of this journey (some might say rollercoaster) that we have been on together for the past 4 years. 

It wasn’t exactly a fairy tale, after our honeymoon we went back to our normal lives and stayed long distance for the first 6 months of our marriage but being married changed things. It was amazing knowing that he would be mine forever and we would get to spend our lives working together to make our relationship, our home and our life something incredible. 

Maybe in the first year not much changed, but it built slowly and steadily. After 4 years, it feels that he is as much a part of me as my right arm. It feels like I hardly even knew him back then. It feels like we have spent an eternity together in the blink of an eye. Sometimes I get sad at milestones because it makes me feel like time is passing by too quickly and soon it will all end. Josh is always happy though and he gets excited about the past and about what is to come in our future. He is the light I always needed. 

This year hasn’t been easy. We moved to another country, he deployed for 6 months and shortly after he came back we began preparations for the next one. We learned to live apart and then we learned to live together again. Both came with their own unique challenges. Somehow through it all we are only closer and happier and stronger. I think maybe that’s the point of marriage. 

A good marriage feeds your soul, makes you capable of things you thought you could not do and it brings out a version of you that you maybe never knew was in you. It makes your life brighter and lighter and easier. People say marriage is hard, and maybe that is their truth but it has never been mine. I mean that not as a brag but to explain that you should never settle. Life can only be as happy as your marriage is. I always thought marriage would be hard because of what I was told. It doesn’t have to be though. A friend once said to me that life is hard but marriage makes it easier and I agree wholeheartedly. If you’re single but want to be married, don’t settle for anything less than that because it exists for you and is worth every moment of waiting. 

Our wedding is a day I will always remember. Not because of how it looked or how much money we spent but because it was the day that I started this incredible journey that I am so thankful for every single day. 


Forever grateful to the talented women who helped make this day happen

Pictures: Emily Scott //Flowers: Michelle Lywood //Hair & Makeup: Camille Monique //Dress: Alice & Olivia