14 Crazy Things that are Normal to the Wife to a Fighter Pilot

1. The smell of jet fuel

Seriously though. It’s everywhere.

2. Seeing everyone in flight suits

They actually don’t seem as cool when literally everyone is wearing one.

3. Not being able to plan a single thing because my husband’s flight schedule is so fluid

My husband’s schedule comes out the night before. Even for deployment. And I can’t tell you how many weekend trips we have planned and had to cancel last minute.

4. The superwomen around me who birth and raise babies while their husbands are gone

Being pregnant, giving birth, or raising kids alone is incredibly difficult but the women around me do it every day.

5. Not being able to work in the field that I spent lots of money and time pursuing in college

Good thing I got that art history degree, it will really come in handy when I’m applying for a job at Chili’s.

6. Making fast friends

I don’t think anybody makes faster or deeper friends than military wives.

7. Saying goodbye to them just as quickly

Aaaand then one of you moves.

8. Spending most of my time away from my husband

I got married so I would have someone I could hang out with all the time!

9. Emails as our main communication.

I’m so tired of writing emails.

10. Acroynyms. So many acronyms. (DEA, DET, CDC, COLA, CONUS,TDY…)

I can’t keep track and I never know what my husband is talking about.

11. Travelling across the world just to see him for a few days in a port stop in a foreign country.

3 trains, a plane, a shuttle and a taxi to spend two nights together? Lets do this!

12. Lots of free time

And no idea how to fill it

13. Talking about wills and planning what happens if he dies like it’s totally normal and fine.

14. Seeing those little grey monsters screaming across the sky above me

I mean this part is pretty cool.

Which of these can you relate to?