Guam | Port Call

A few weeks back I got to visit Josh in Guam. It was a perfect week of relaxing, laying in the sun, swimming in the ocean, dreaming together and just being. When you spend most of your time apart, every moment that you are together holds so much meaning.  

The main reason we requested to get stationed in Japan was so that we could travel and see another part of the world together. The tradeoff for that travel is the deployment schedule. Josh will be deployed every year we are here for over half of the year. It’s not easy to spend so much time apart especially since I am so far from my family and friends back home but I think we are finally starting to get used to it. The most important thing we can do is make the most of this time and stay positive. The bright side of deployments out here is that the port stops are close enough that I can usually go to them. I went to the Philippines in June, Guam a few weeks ago and South Korea this past weekend.

We only had a few days together in Guam so we spent most of our time close to our airbnb in Tamuning Bay but we headed up to the southern tip of Guam for one day and spent the day at a beach near Ritidian Point. It was an insane drive to get there and the worst road we have ever driven on but the beach there was so beautiful. The water was really warm and we saw fish and a baby shark swim by us! It was a really incredible day and worth the crazy drive. 

Josh also took me on the carrier one afternoon so I got to see where he lives and works. I saw the jets lined up on top and the room where he has spent more time then in our home in Japan.

Food options were kind of limited for us but we found a great acai bowl place called Mighty Purple Café and a vegan restaurant called Heavenly Veggies. Also we loved the cold brew coffee at Infusion Coffee and Tea. Our first day in Guam was raining so we spent the day driving around to different coffee shops and trying all their coffee to find the best one. 

Josh will come back next spring and I can’t wait to come back and visit him again. I really loved our time here!