Two Days in Hong Kong

This year for Thanksgiving Josh was deployed but thankfully the boat pulled into port in Hong Kong and I flew out so we could spend it together. We only had a couple days there but I wanted to share what we did in case you are thinking about visiting.

Nobody thought the port stop was actually going to happen because China doesn’t exactly love us right now so I didn’t even book my flight until about a week out. Flights from Fukuoka were pretty reasonable though, even last minute. I honestly was hoping the port would get cancelled because it has been such a crazy few months and I’m tired and ready for deployment to be over. That being said, I’m really glad that it happened. Hong Kong is an amazing and beautiful city and it should be on everyone’s bucket list.  

Hong Kong was a British colony for over 150 years until 1997 when it reverted back to China. The conditions were that it would be part of China but would retain its capitalist economic system and partially democratic political system for 50 years. It definitely feels very western and there are a lot of European influences. I was also surprised at how many people travel there from other countries, it seemed like every shop or café we visited, people working there were from somewhere else. 

We stayed in a great Airbnb in the Sheung Wan district, I didn’t do much research ahead of time because it was a last-minute trip but we got lucky with the location and happened to be right in the middle of tons of art galleries, coffee shops and markets. I would definitely stay in this area again. It took us about an hour by train to get there from the airport but the train system was super easy to use. For the most part we used the train system to get around but we also took taxis a couple times. 

Our first morning we went up to Victoria’s Peak which is the highest hill on Hong Kong Island. We decided to take the tram up and it was amazing. It was so steep going up that it was a little bit scary but we were up at the top in a matter of minutes and we got to see some amazing views of the city. 

This wall was right by our Airbnb so we had to stop for pictures

It was a little chilly up at the top but worth it for the views

Josh looked cool but I just look like I need a shower

We found a vegan restaurant called Mana right near our Airbnb that we ended up going to every day. They had amazing oat milk lattes, salads, wraps and plant based burgers that were better than any burger I have ever had in my life. The other vegan restaurant we ate at was called Grassroots Pantry and it was also amazing and a short walk from our Airbnb. We went for breakfast and had really good acai bowls, waffles and green juice.

Mana had juices, vegan desserts and fresh coconuts

I don’t have a picture of the waffles but they were definitely the best thing we got here

We got the raw vegan chocolate cake and espresso for an afternoon treat

I had a Buddha bowl at Grassroots and it was amazing!

We spent one morning walking around and finding all the best street art and we went to the Banksy exhibit put on by Phillips Gallery. It was really cool being in a city with a great art scene again and it made me miss San Francisco. 

Why am I looking to the left in every photo???

The Banksy exhibit was pretty awesome

We had oat milk lattes every day from Mana

An alley across from our Airbnb

The best thing to do here is just go out and walk around. There are so many little shops and outdoor markets and a lot of stuff is pretty cheap. We could easily go back and spend another week and still not see everything there is to see there. I would love to go back and see the big Buddha, fishing villages, some of the bigger markets and the Kowloon area. If you’ve been I would love to hear what your favorite thing to do here is.

Also, it was really warm! I didn’t wear a jacket the whole time.

This flower wall was so pretty!

This was our last port stop of the year and very soon Josh will be home and I won’t have to think about deployment or port stops again for 5 months. If you want to know what deployment has been like, check out this post I published earlier this week.

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