Life Lately | November 2018

Somehow it’s already the end of November and I wanted to give a quick update about what has been going on the past month. 

1. Josh left for deployment at the end of May and November is officially our last month of deployment! He should be back in early December. Though we’ve been able to see each other just about every month, he still hasn’t been around and I have had to travel far distances to see him. Adjusting to life in a foreign country without him has been difficult and I’m sure there are lots of posts forthcoming about how deployment has been but in the meantime, here is a funny one that I wrote.

2. I was able to work a ton and take more pictures than I ever have since starting my photography business. I have learned so much about starting a business and I am so so thankful to all the women who have supported me by encouraging me and hiring me. I also started a pinterest so if you’re on there you can follow me here.

3. We spent our first Thanksgiving abroad in Hong Kong during Josh’s port stop and it was pretty incredible. We didn’t do our usual Thanksgiving dinner but being together was really all that mattered. You can read about that trip here

4. I also wrote about our move from Texas to California earlier this month. It is one of my most read blogs which makes me really happy since it is an incredibly personal one for me. If you missed it, you can read it here.

This has been one of the best months for me since we moved out here and I am really thankful for everything that happened. We have a lot of amazing things planned for December that I can’t wait to share with you but the most important thing is Josh will finally be coming home!