10 Military Spouses you Need to Follow on Instagram

When I first quit my job and moved in with my husband in Texas I had no military friends but I quickly learned that embracing the community is one of the best ways to survive military life. I’ve come a long way since then and one of the biggest networks of support I have found has been on Instagram. Over the years it has become really important to me not only as a place to share but a place to connect with others and build friendships. I love being able to see how others deal with military life, deployment and all the crazy stuff that goes along with this life. So I rounded up a few of my favorite ladies to follow, check them out below! And of course you can follow me too: @samanthalook

1. Kaitlyn - Kaitlyn is an air force girlfriend, you can follow her person account here @kaitlyn_smith and the account she runs @lovingmyhero

2. If you aren’t following Legacy Magazine yet, you need to! It’s a beautiful magazine for and about the military community. Find them here @legacymag and their founder here @abi.ray

3. Morgan - You can follow along with Morgan’s beautiful adventures here @mrsmorganmorris or follow the other account she runs @thehappymilso

4. Kael - Kael is a talented photographer who you will definitely want to follow, she is always real and honest in her posts and I love that about her @kaelhoney

5. Shanae - This Army wife is super fun to follow, you can find her here @shananagensss

6. Candace - Candace posts beautiful pictures about life in the PNW @candace.mckenna

7. Diane - Diane creates awesome military gifts and is super fun to follow @nomadicnationshop

8. Sarah - @grainger_danger I love following her living her best life in Guam!

9. Laura - a military spouse in North Carolina she posts about her awesome adventures at @littleislandtakara

10. Rachel - If you need some care package inspo, look no further than this lady! @ramcquiston

If you’re a mil spouse go ahead and leave your info below so we can all support each other!