My bookshelves are lined with photo albums filled with the memories I share with my husband and if we were forced to leave our home quickly, I know they would be one of the things I would grab on my way out. 

Pictures don’t just mark a day where you got dressed up and stood in front of a camera. They can mark a year – a move, a new location, a new job, celebrations, struggles, the peaks and the valleys in your life. They can remind you of all the things that made up your life in that moment both good and bad, light and dark. I promise that these photos will be worth more in the years to come than what you pay today. They will mark your journey, your path, your adventure that is unique to you and will remind you of how wonderful life can be. 

My photos are for people who believe…

  • that experiences are better than things 

  • that quality is better than quantity 

  • that life should be spent exploring, traveling and experiencing it fully

  • that photos matter


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